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Product Designer working worldwide. Crafting seamless user experiences, one pixel at a time.

From initial sketches to ready to develop products, I transform complex problems into elegant, user-friendly solutions.

Selected Works


01. Research

In this initial phase, we aim to gain a deep understanding of the context your business operates, exploring your market landscape, user needs, and existing solutions, analyzing what we can improve and why.

02. Concept

After the research, together, we create a strategy that combines your goals with the needs of your target audience. Based on this, I create the first wireframes and an interactive prototype. 

03. Design

Based on the concept, I create a high-end design tailored to your brand, distinguishing you from competitors and that perfectly fits your target audience with an excellent user experience.

04. Validate

Finally, we seek feedback about the design with real customers of your brand. This allow us to refine and iterate, ensuring to adjust all the necessary details to the delivery of the final design.

"Rebeca is an excellent product designer. During the time we worked together at Organizze, I was able to see how committed and talented she is in her roles. In addition to contributing new ideas, she was always willing to help all team members. She has a very finely tuned Craft and is always looking to develop new skills. I am completely sure that her dedication is something that makes a huge technical difference in any team she is part of."

André Santos, Lead Product Designer

"Rebeca is an exceptional UX/UI professional with whom I had the opportunity to collaborate on several projects. During the period we worked together, I was constantly impressed by Rebeca's passion and her ability to develop innovative and efficient solutions for users. She stands out as a clear and assertive communicator, managing to convey complex concepts in a simple and understandable way."

Alquipo Martins, Tech Lead


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